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Intro to Programming Assignments

Scratch Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Category Download File
Scratch 6 Assignment Scratch 6 Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 7 Assignment Scratch 7 Rubric Skills Builders scratch-7-example1.sb3
Scratch 8 Assignment Scratch 8 Rubric Skills Builders scratch-8-example.sb3
Scratch 9 Assignment Scratch 9 Rubric Skills Builders first_last_scratch_9.sb3
Scratch 10 Assignment Scratch 10 Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 11 Assignment Scratch 11 Rubric Skills Builders scratch-11-example.sb3
Scratch 12 Assignment Scratch 12 Rubric Skills Builders scratch-12-example.sb3
Scratch 13a Assignment Scratch 13a Rubric Skills Builders Player.svg
Scratch 13b Assignment Scratch 13b Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 14a Assignment Scratch 14a Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 14b Assignment Scratch 14b Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 15a Assignment Scratch 15a Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 15b Assignment Scratch 15b Rubric Skills Builders None
Scratch 16 Assignment Scratch 16 Rubric Skills Builders scratch-16-example.sb3