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Course Overview

The goal of Introduction to Programming is for students to learn basic programming concepts. The following are the major topics:

Grading Policies

The details of how grades are calculated are contained in the course syllabus:

Late Work

Late work will be accepted, but a reason must be provided for why it is late. Failure to provide a reason will result in zero Work Habits points and a possible reduction in the grade itself.


If a student is caught plagiarizing from the Internet or turning in work from other students, the student will receive a zero on the assignment and will not be allowed to make it up. In addition, if a student copies another student's work, both students will receive a zero and will not be allowed to make it up.

Class Dismissal

Ms. Blomeyer dismisses the class, not the bell. The floor and tables must be clean of trash and all students must be in their seats and quiet before class is dismissed. No tardy passes are given if a class is dismissed late.

Classroom Expectations