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Course Overview

This is a project-based course using Lego Mindstorm Robots equipment. Students design, program and construct robots to accomplish specific tasks. Students work with a partner on all assignments. Your grade will be based on a combination of the team’s grade and your daily participation points for the assignment. If you are absent, you will receive zero daily participation points and it will affect your grade.

Grading Policies

The details of how grades are calculated are contained in the course syllabi:

Late Work

Late work is accepted, but if the assignments are not completed in a timely manner, it is possible to run out of time and not complete the final projects.

Work Habits Grade

Each student receives Work Habits points on each assignment. The number of points is determined by how well the student was rated on the daily participation evaluation. Absences will lower both your subject grade and your work habits grade.

Cooperation Grade

Cooperation grades are earned by accumulating points. 5 points are awarded daily for classroom cooperation. Absences and tardies will affect your cooperation grade.

Class Dismissal

Ms. Blomeyer dismisses the class, not the bell. The floor and computer tables must be clean of trash and all students must be in their seats and quiet before class is dismissed. No tardy passes are given if a class is dismissed late.

Classroom Expectations