Course Overview

The goal of Intro to Computers is for students to have basic knowledge of how to use a computer. The following are the major topics:

Computer Access

It is highly recommended that students have access to a computer and the Internet at home. Students will need to download software and install it on their home computers. If students have no Internet access at home, software can be provided to the student on a USB flash drive. The student must provide the USB flash drive.

Late Work

Late work will be accepted, but a reason must be provided for why it is late. Failure to provide a reason will result in zero Work Habits points and a possible reduction in the grade itself.


If a student is caught plagiarizing from the Internet or turning in work from other students, the student will receive a zero on the assignment and will not be allowed to make it up.

Subject Grade

The grading scale for all assignments is as follows:

Work Habits Grade

Each student receives Work Habits points on each assignment. The number of points is determined by how large the assignment is, and whether or not assignment is turned in on time. Assignments that are turned in on time receive full credit. Late assignments may receive full credit if a student has a legitimate reason for turning it in late. All Work Habits assignment points are accumulated for the student’s Work Habits grade in the course. The grading scale for Work Habits grade is as follows:

Cooperation Grade

Cooperation grades are also earned by accumulating points. 5 points are awarded daily for classroom cooperation. In addition, points are awarded for returning student grade sheets signed by a parent.

Students receive either all 5 points or 0 points for the daily cooperation grade. A student will receive 0 points for the day for any of the following reasons:

In addition to losing all cooperation points for the day, any student caught playing computer games will be given 15 minutes detention. Detention may also be given for disruptive behavior. The student will continue to receive a 0 in daily cooperation until the detention is completed. Detention may be done before school or during lunch. It may also be done after school on any day but an early dismissal Tuesday.

The grading scale for Cooperation grades is the same as for Work Habits grades:

Class Dismissal

Ms. Blomeyer dismisses the class, not the bell. The floor and computer tables must be clean of trash and all students must be in their seats and quiet before class is dismissed. No tardy passes are given if a class is dismissed late.

Classroom Expectations

Students must provide a USB flash drive for this course.