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Intro to Computers Assignments


PowerPoint Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Download File
powerpoint_1 Assignment powerpoint_1 Rubric None
powerpoint_2 Assignment powerpoint_2 Rubric
powerpoint_3 Assignment powerpoint_3 Rubric None


Mail Merge Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Download File
mail_merge_1 Assignment mail_merge_1 Rubric
mail_merge_2 Assignment mail_merge_2 Rubric None


Excel Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Download File
excel_1 Assignment excel_1 Rubric
excel_2 Assignment excel_2 Rubric
excel_3 Assignment excel_3 Rubric
excel_4 Assignment excel_4 Rubric None
excel_5 Assignment excel_5 Rubric
excel_6 Assignment excel_6 Rubric None
excel_7 Assignment excel_7 Rubric
excel_8 Assignment excel_8 Rubric
excel_9 Assignment excel_9 Rubric
excel_10 Assignment excel_10 Rubric
excel_11 Assignment excel_11 Rubric
excel_12 Assignment excel_12 Rubric
excel_13 Assignment excel_13 Rubric
excel_14 Assignment excel_14 Rubric
excel_15 Assignment excel_15 Rubric
excel_16 Assignment excel_16 Rubric


Word Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Download File
word_1 Assignment word_1 Rubric None
word_2 Assignment word_2 Rubric None
word_3 Assignment word_3 Rubric None
word_4 Assignment word_4 Rubric None
word_5 Assignment word_5 Rubric None
word_6 Assignment word_6 Rubric None
word_7 Assignment word_7 Rubric None
word_8 Assignment word_8 Rubric None
word_9 Assignment word_9 Rubric None
word_10 Assignment word_10 Rubric None
word_11 Assignment word_11 Rubric None
word_12 Assignment word_12 Rubric None
word_13 Assignment word_13 Rubric None
word_14 Assignment word_14 Rubric None
word_15 Assignment word_15 Rubric None
word_16 Assignment word_16 Rubric None
word_17 Assignment word_17 Rubric None
word_18 Assignment word_18 Rubric None
word_19 Assignment word_19 Rubric None