The following links are used in the Exploring Computer Science course. Clicking on any of these links cause the user to navigate away from this website.

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Links for Scratch Assignments
Used for Link
Scratch Online Scratch
Intro Traffic Jam
Mazes Jo Edkins Maze Designer
Jo Edkins History of Mazes


Links for Web Assignments
Used for Link
W3C & Validation HTML Validator
CSS Validator
W3 Schools
HTML Color Codes Computer Hope Colors
Hex Hub HTML Color Codes
Quackit Color Codes
Backgrounds & Borders GRSites
Pattern 4 U
Squidfingers Patterns
Citrus Moon Patterns
Fabric Designs Blogspot
Color Codes in Images Image Color Picker
Online Image Editor FotoFlexer
Finding Classrooms WPHS Teacher Classrooms


Links for Robot Assignments
Used for Link
Lightbot Lightbot



Links for Everything Else
Used for Link
Artificial Intelligence 20 Questions
Encryption HowStuffWorks Encryption
Mind Benders #17 Picture of a Horse
Picture of a Snake
Picture of a Hod
Mind Benders Extra Credit#1 See the color Umber
See the color Salmon
See the color Tan


Links for Mobilize Assignments
Used for Link
Collecting & Viewing Data Phone Setup Instructions
RStudio Website
Mobilize Website
Mobilize Help/Wiki
Quick-R Help for R
Quick-R Parameter Help for R
The R Color Chart
Word Clouds Tagxedo
Intro Finding Latitudes & Longitudes
US Census Bureau Fact Finder
Baby Name Voyager
Atlas of the Habitual
Home Prices Sung as Opera
Crime Mapping
Open Street Map
Hans Rosling Video