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Web Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Category Download File
web_1 Assignment web_1 Rubric Skills Builders
web_2 Assignment web_2 Rubric Skills Builders
web_3 Assignment web_3 Rubric Skills Builders
web_4 Assignment web_4 Rubric Skills Builders
web_5 Assignment web_5 Rubric Skills Builders
web_6 Assignment web_6 Rubric Skills Builders
web_final Assignment web_final Rubric Project


Robotics Assignments and Files
Assignment/Rubric Category
The NXT Brick Skills Builders
Common Palette #1 Skills Builders
Common Palette #2 Skills Builders
Common Palette #3 Skills Builders
Common Palette #4 Skills Builders
Robot Final Project Project


Exploring Computer Science Assignments

Scratch Assignments and Files
Assignment Rubric Category Download File Sample
Scratch Moving Worksheet None Skills Builders moving.sb2 None
Scratch-1 Assignment Scratch-1 Rubric Skills Builders None Click for Sample
Scratch-2 Assignment Scratch-2 Rubric Skills Builders baseball.sb2 Click for Sample
Scratch-3 Assignment Scratch-3 Rubric Skills Builders Scratch-Dialogue-Planner Click for Sample
Scratch-4 Assignment Scratch-4 Rubric Skills Builders summer.sb2 Click for Sample
Scratch Story Project Scratch Story Project Rubric Project Scratch-Story-Planner None
Scratch-5 Assignment Scratch-5 Rubric Skills Builders None Click for Sample
Click for Extra-Credit Sample
Scratch-6 Assignment Scratch-6 Rubric Skills Builders ask.sb2 Click for Sample
Scratch-7 Assignment Scratch-7 Rubric Skills Builders random.sb2
Click for Sample
Scratch Game Project Scratch Game Project Rubric Project pong.sb2 None