Why am I here?

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Children go to school because people in this country have decided that our country will be a better place to live if everyone is educated. Educated people are usually happier, earn more money, and make more intelligent decisions during their lives. These things may not seem very important to me while I am in middle school, but I will learn to appreciate them as I grow up.

I am in middle school to learn and practice using all of the skills I might need as an adult. Due to their experience, the teachers probably know more than I do about which things will be worthwhile and useful to me in the future. They are here to provide me with the knowledge and techniques that will make me prepared, self-sufficient, and self-confident.

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Since I am required to be here, I should use my time wisely so that my time is not wasted. A good teacher will not allow me to be less than what I am capable of. A good teacher will also try to maintain an atmosphere that makes it possible for all the students to learn. I do not have the right to keep others from learning.

School is not always fun, nor is school meant to entertain me. The teacher is not hired to show me a good time. Good teachers try to make subjects interesting whenever they can, but just because I do not think something is interesting is not an excuse to be disruptive, to copy another student's work, or to complain about being bored. The teacher does not owe me anything except the opportunity to learn and grow from the experiences shared in the classroom. If I accept this fact I will probably make things easier for everyone, especially me.