Margins, Padding & Borders

Hi there. My name is Ms. B. and I want to take you on a journey to the far corners of the earth. I know that you've lived all your life in the big city, but that doesn't mean that you know anything at all. I hope that by reading my journal here, you will learn something useful.

I have made journeys to many countries in the world. I have travelled for weeks at a time, and I have gone on a whirlwind 2 day tour of other places. I have spent the night in youth hostels and in fancy hotels.

The countries that I have spent the most time in are Austria, Germany, France, Scotland, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia & India. During the trip to India, I lived with a Tibetan family and taught English as a volunteer to young Indian and Nepalese children who really wanted to improve.

Many of my journeys involved travelling by car through areas with breathtaking views because the road was right by a cliff hanging over the ocean. It was scary. I was also involved in a car accident in Montenegro where the car I was in was pushed into the side of a mountain. I don't speak any of the languages spoken there, Serbian, Albanian, or Croatian, and no one in the police department spoke English or German. This was another interesting and rather disconcerting experience.